About Matthew Maskal

Matthew Maskal

Matthew Maskal is the owner and manager of Modern Concepts Electric LLC, a full-service electrical contractor based in Orlando, Florida. The company has more than four decades of experience working with residential and commercial installations. Although the firm specializes in residential homes, the team has handled the installation of electrical systems for commercial and industrial properties as well. Under the leadership of Matthew Maskal, Modern Concepts Electric strives to offer superior services while maintaining an emphasis on professionalism, dependability, and expertise. The company also finds ways to provide cost-effective services to clients.

To keep his business prosperous, Matthew Maskal networks and maintains existing relationships with clients, vendors, and suppliers. He also seeks out new business and ensures that the company stays active and profitable. Additionally, he manages the efforts of 25 employees. Modern Concepts Electric provides free estimates over the phone for common projects and conducts site visits for larger projects. Matthew Maskal and his team offer multiple services, including landscape lighting, pre-wire security systems, track lighting, electric water heaters, ceiling fans, breakers and fuses, and new wiring. For commercial properties, the company has experience installing emergency power systems, lift stations, HID lighting, and UPS systems. Modern Concepts Electric also conducts certified electrical inspections.

When he is not busy running his company, Matthew Maskal enjoys boating, golfing, and building relationships within his community. He also likes to give back to the community, supporting nonprofits and charities such as the Ronald McDonald House. He derives great pleasure from helping those in need.


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